Top 10 Fireworks

Picked By Our Customers

One Bad Mother Firework

One Bad Mother

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500g Finale Cake is another perennial customer favorite. There is something about 16 shots of huge gold willow breaks with crackling flowers that keeps people smiling. One Bad Mother only features one color and is still the baddest firework in town!

Excalibur Firework

Excalibur Artillery Shells

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The #1 selling artillery shell firework of all time and for good reason.  The Excalibur firework patented shells have a maximum 60g charge and are known for their quality, vibrant colors, huge and thunderous breaks.  These artillery shells have been a favorite since they debuted over a decade ago.  The pinnacle of the artillery shell world is often imitated but never duplicated.  Excalibur is simply the best!

Loyal to None Firework

Loyal To None

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500 gram finale cake has been a customer favorite for many years.  Loyal To None is an exciting finale firework with 33 shots and lasts well over a minute.  Lots of color mixed with unique effects make this one a perennial all star!

America's Glory firework

America's Glory

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500 gram Multi-shot cake - This is a true finale in a box firework.  America's Glory is 40 colorful shots with effect combinations that make it look like multiple fireworks are going off at once.  This one has everything from mines, whistling comets with tails, glitter and willow breaks.  Lots to love with America's Glory.

Folds Of Honor Firework

Folds of Honor

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500 gram finale cake - There is more than one reason to love this firework. First and foremost this is a rock solid red, white, and blue firework featuring 16 powerful shots. The second is that $10 of each Folds of Honor firework sold is donated directly to the Folds of Honor Foundation. Celebrate freedom and support a great cause.

hot dog firework

Hot Dog

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200 gram Multi-shot cake - Another example of cute label and serious firework. The Hot Dog is 16 shots of mines chasing the breaks to brocade crown. The finale fills the sky with light. This firework is a must have for any neighborhood fireworks show.

Zeus Artillery Shells

Zeus Fluorescent Artillery Shells

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Very popular artillery firework kit. So popular we do not even have a video of this product. We can't keep it in stock long enough. These shells are all about the color. Great color and a variety of shells keeps it interesting. This artillery kit features 24 shells - single, double, triple, and canister.

Chasing Booty Firework

Chasing Booty

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500 gram Multi-shot cake - Customer favorite since it debuted in 2015.  Exciting firework with vibrant colors, effects from ground to sky, 24 shots, that includes (3) 4-shot finale breaks to light up the sky!

Gorilla Warfare firework

Gorilla Warfare

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500 gram Multi-shot cake - Another very exciting firework with lots of action plus red, white, and blue colors - perfect for the Fourth Of July.  Effects from ground to sky with blue mines, pigeon blood red dahlia breaks, and white glitter.  Awesome label and awesome performance.  

Bite Your Tushy Firework

Bite Your Tushy

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Maximum charged 200 gram firework in our Show Starter category.  This firework features 6 bright colors that are burst high into the sky with a screaming tail following each shot.  Bite Your Tushy is a great performer and great value with 24 shots and lasting for nearly a minute.  

There you have it, the top ten fireworks  as picked by our wonderful customers. If you disagree with this list please file an official grievance for review on our Facebook or Twitter pages. Maybe next year we should make this a Top 20 fireworks list?