Thin Blue line

Golden spider to color star; lemon+purple+sea blue+golden spider; red+blue+yellow+golden spider; orange+green+purple+golden spider; whistle to purple+white glitter+green fallen leaves; color dahlia+golden spider

Beauty & Beast

Blue red mine to blue+red+green+white glitter;blue red mine to purple+green+sky blue+golden glitter;blue red mine to orange+purple+sky blue+green glitter; blue red mine to white glitter+red green fallen leaves+sliver spinner; blue red mine to brocade+green glitter, blue star+sliver fish+crackle.

Polar Attack

Silver spinner tail up to chicken blood red and lemon stars; silver spinner tail up to purple and green stars; silver spinner tail up to red green blue stars; silver spinner tail up to pale purple yellow and sea blue; silver spinner tail up to orange and purple green stars.