Bright blue and green mines, thrilling silver diamond effect, and color changing stars.

Snow Cone

Great shelf appeal.  red blue star snowflakes;colours fountain;colours fish;white fir flower with purple lemon star;crackling with blue star


16 shots with red comet tail: red to blue+chrysanthemum; golden willow to multicolor; golden willow to crackling; red to white glitter; blue to white glitter; green/skyblue+red wintersweet; golden willow to multicolor; chrysanthemum.

Skull Engine

multi-color dahlia long crackling ring; red/blue to white glitter ring; golden willow to blue long crackling ring; chicken blood red ring; chrysanthemum ring.

Excalibur Platinum Artillery Shells


  • Contains 24 unique 5" shells
  • Breaks over 250ft high and 200ft wide
  • 4 - HDPE tubes for unsurpassed safety and optimal conditions for the artillery shell launch

Excalibur Platinum Artillery Kit is the new 5" shell version of the infamous Excalibur, the best selling firework for over a decade.  The 5" Excalibur Platinum features larger color stars and different color/effect combinations compared to the original.