Blue star white glittering mine, red tip white glittering willow, red/blue/purple dahlia chry, blue star mine to red blue chry crackling ball.


Red/Green tail, Red Wave, Green Glitter Willow, Purple/Red/Green/Blue/White and Green Wave Crackling.

Bomb Shell

You'll definitely be attracted to this Bomb Shell! Greens, blues, reds and gold and silver glitter bombard the sky in brocade crowns when you light this beauty. This 12-shot mind blower is drop-dead gorgeous -- no wonder it's called the Bomb Shell!

Ghost Rider

There's nothing ghostly about the Ghost Rider -- it's powerful, bold and loud! This top-notch mind blower features red, green and glittery brocade crowns, crackles and willow breaks that will make your night sky a playground for any celebration. This is a must-have for any display you want your audience to love!

Rolling Thunder

For those customers who want numerous colors and effects all by lighting one fuse, this piece is for you. A straight 9 shots full of pure power, each shot goes over 200 feet in the sky and then breaks covering an area in sky well over 125 feet in diameter.

One Bad Mother 3"

Newer and Bigger, that says it all....try this one and see why.....The One Bad Mother 3" offers huge shots of alternating gold willow with multiple blooming crackling flowers enhanced with gold willow followed by quickened final three shots. This one is sure to be a crowd pleaser with everyone.

Whoop A$$ -- 3 Assorted

Whoop A$$: Golden willow with red pistils; brocade to red, red peony with crackling pistil.

Sizzling Hot: Red Wave, green wave, golden wave, and silver wave.

Zippidy Zam: Peach red peony w silver glitter pistil, silver peony with green glitter pistil and blue peony with gold glitter pistil

Not in my Yard

This 16 shot multi-colored 500 gram cake has something in it for everyone. These sparkling chrysanthemums and willows will make you want this item"in your yard" at all times. If you can't hang with the big dogs, then you better stay on the porch!

American Intensity

Show that you're serious with American Intensity! Even though it only has nine shots, it packs a serious punch with 500 grams of black powder power. Red, purple, blue, yellow brocade crowns blast in the sky with silver and golden effects to complete the masterpiece. Audiences will know you mean business when you incorporate this into your display!

A Taste of Heat

Warm up the crowd at your celebration with A Taste of Heat! Green, red and purple brocades followed by gold and silver glitter trails and strobes whistle through the sky, creating a display that viewers won't forget. This item is sure to make your night hot!