Sharp Shooter

Green tiger comet with red blue mines; lemon+sliver wave mines to purple+sky blue+lemon+golden glitter; lemon+silver wave mines to purple+lemon+sky blue+white glitter; brocade mine to brocade +red+red glitter+green+green glitter.

Country Boy

The Country Boy is no country bumpkin! This beast bursts to the sky in 186 shots in a zig-zag pattern with reds, blues, silvers and whistles that prove this dazzler means business. No show is complete without this impressive stunner in its lineup.

America's King

You'll be king of the show with America's King! With brocade crowns that erupt into silver fish formations, audience members will be pleased with the variety of effects featured in this 24-shot spectacle. Wow your crowd with the reds, silvers, blues, purples and white glitter that whistle through the sky. It's a show fit for a king!

Full Speed

Full Speed ahead for this stunning spectacle! Multiple aerial effects in red, blue and silver amaze crowds with explosions of fun and sizzling excitement. With brocade crowns and silver fish erupting from this 200-gram cake, Full Speed does not disappoint! This is a must-have for your celebration!


Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum; green crackling chrysanthemum; blue crackling chrysanthemum.

Fist Bump

You'll get more than a Fist Bump with this awesome show! Five hundred grams of black powder send nine shots of willowing red, green and silver into the night sky to explode, crackle and sparkle for your crowd's delight. Bump up your celebration a notch with the Fist Bump!


Red/Green tail, Red Wave, Green Glitter Willow, Purple/Red/Green/Blue/White and Green Wave Crackling.

Whoop A$$ -- 3 Assorted

Whoop A$$: Golden willow with red pistils; brocade to red, red peony with crackling pistil.

Sizzling Hot: Red Wave, green wave, golden wave, and silver wave.

Zippidy Zam: Peach red peony w silver glitter pistil, silver peony with green glitter pistil and blue peony with gold glitter pistil