Be Happy

Don't worry about it when you put Be Happy in your display! Shoot sparks of various colors and intensity into the air with this fountain that explodes into shades of red, green, gold, yellow, purple, blue and orange. This beauty is sure to entertain any crowd.


It's more than just writing on the wall that your display needs a little Graffiti. With 200 grams and 15 shots of awesomeness, this is an extravaganza of aerial effects, featuring: red and blue sparklers, white glitter, purple and green effects, silver fish, whistlers and golden time rain. What does this mean? It means you need to clutter up the sky with some Graffiti!

Breathing Fire

Create a hot show with Breathing Fire! Nine shots of alternating aerial effects produce colorful, loud explosions of brocades, comet tails and crackle shots to create a dazzling spectacle for your audience. You will be stunned by all this goodness in a small package!


Make an indelible mark on your soul with Inked! Five hundred grams of black powder and nine shots explode into white glitter, red and blue sparklers to create a gorgeous (and noisy!) scene in the night sky. Create a display that will leave its mark on your crowd with Inked.  Awesome red, white, and blue firework.

Home Team

Visitors will know you're playing for the Home Team! Show your team spirit with this 47-shot stunner, as it shoots a barrage of red sparks across the night sky. Several aerial effects make this beast even better, including silver fish, dahlia sparklers and a little bit of noise. Cheer on the Home Team!  Perfect red, white, and silver firework.