Boss Lady

scream to purple+green glitter+blue; scream to orange, blue/time rain; scream to white glitter+red/blue; scream to red/blue/purple/chry.

Blood Sweat & Tears

time rain tail to blue palm+green glitter; silver glitter mine to silver glitter waterfall; time rain tail to golden glitter+blue/green; 3 stage scream; time rain tail to brocade crown+crackling.

American Riders

No riding off into the sunset required with American Riders. This 53-shot brute explodes into overlapping red, blue, purple and lemon brocade crowns with silver comets that shimmer through the sky. Whistle effects and dahlia crowns add to this lengthy display that is great all on its own or with other products. Enjoyment rides high with this stunner.

Say What?

Purple, green palm, white glitter, skyblue, red, crackling, whistling, brocade crown, green glitter, red, gren, blue, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum. Red, green, purple, lemon dahlia, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum.

Bite Your Tushy

You can bet that Bite Your Tushy will leave a lasting impression on your audience! Twenty-four shots of awesomeness erupt in red, green, silver, yellow, blue and pink explosions as they whistle into the sky. Great to add to any display or as a centerpiece to your celebration!

A Taste of Heat

Warm up the crowd at your celebration with A Taste of Heat! Green, red and purple brocades followed by gold and silver glitter trails and strobes whistle through the sky, creating a display that viewers won't forget. This item is sure to make your night hot!