Tongue Tied

silver glitter gold willow to red mine, brocade crown to red silver glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow to green mine, brocade crown to green red glitter pistil, silver glitter gold willow to blue mine, brocade crown to blue time rain pistil.

Big Gun

7 shots red glitter mine red glitter with silver palm pistil. 7 shot green glitter mine greenglitter with silverpalm pistil. 7 shot silver glitter mine rose red. 7 shot crackling mine red green gold purple blue orange pink red.


It's more than just writing on the wall that your display needs a little Graffiti. With 200 grams and 15 shots of awesomeness, this is an extravaganza of aerial effects, featuring: red and blue sparklers, white glitter, purple and green effects, silver fish, whistlers and golden time rain. What does this mean? It means you need to clutter up the sky with some Graffiti!


This 3" 9 shot rack leaves you screaming for more, slam packed with big hard hitting breaks that are sure to impress. An excellent finale or show piece with alternating shots of green brocade's with glitter and crackle. 6 shots sequential with a slamming 3 shot finale.

The Big Dog

Try this one and you will see why we call it the"BIG DOG". If you like blue, then this is the piece for you. Nine shots of awesome blue peonies filled with a white glittering pistil crackle in the middle. A fabulous two shot finale that will literally fill the sky for a country mile.For a cake that lives up to its name you got it.....

Whoop A$$ -- 3 Assorted

Whoop A$$: Golden willow with red pistils; brocade to red, red peony with crackling pistil.

Sizzling Hot: Red Wave, green wave, golden wave, and silver wave.

Zippidy Zam: Peach red peony w silver glitter pistil, silver peony with green glitter pistil and blue peony with gold glitter pistil