Free Bird

Big colorful ring effects. 16 shots. red tail to chrys. ring; tail to crackling ring;red tail to red pearl ring;green tail to red palm big chrys.


Chrysanthemum with red and green pearls, golden srpring fountain, golden silk chrysanthemum with blue and lemon, purple spring fountain, silver crackling chrysanthemum with purple and blue.

Not in my Yard

This 16 shot multi-colored 500 gram cake has something in it for everyone. These sparkling chrysanthemums and willows will make you want this item"in your yard" at all times. If you can't hang with the big dogs, then you better stay on the porch!

Anger Management

A rapid fire cake that lasts over 30 seconds. Anger management offers Red, green, yellow, blue, and purple pearls shooting in circle with a crackling pearls finale.