Fight in the Sky

Great novelty - Light 1 fuse and all 10 spinners light in sequence like a squadron of attack helicopters taking to the sky.  green spinner, go up rise with Ti flower.

Tree Fort

Exciting fountain - house spins and shoots sparks in a wild performance.  blue Ti-rain;red blue the magic flower; white fir flower lemon blue;Ti-crackling red green blue; blue Ti-rain

All Star

Great innovative fountain - wait until the end to see the red ground bloom flowers perform.  red+golden silk chrysanthemum; green+long crackling; red ground bloom flower with Ti flower.

Teen Freak

1. White silk flower/ red green, silver crackling w/green, snow flower w/orange huge white chrys w/blue; 2. White silk flower w/red; 3. Snow flower w/blue; 4. Huge white chrys w/orange