Red,green with white chrysanthemum; purple, lemon with white cedar flower; purple, blue, lemon with crackle; green,blue with silk crackle; color fish; blue with dragon star.


Red fish, silver glitter, green fish silver glitter, blue fish silver glitter, pink fish silver glitter, red green blue and purple fish.

Dr. Jekyll

color peony with gold white green glitter.color peony with silver fish.jellyfish brocade color glitter


Spinners with red falling leaves, golden tail with red green blue chry, whistle with green leaves, crackling silver fish, golden tail with red green blue brocade.


1,colour fish silver pine;2,red blue fish silver crackle;3,colour fish silver pine;4,yellow green purple fish silver crackle;5,colour fish silver pine;6,colour fish with silver crackle.