Battery Barrage

This is it; this is the one you want! Batter Barrage features 15 shots of bright colors that flash through the night sky, erupting into crackles and sliver comet tails. Everyone will be amazed and inspired by your celebration extravaganza when this is part of your show!

America's King

You'll be king of the show with America's King! With brocade crowns that erupt into silver fish formations, audience members will be pleased with the variety of effects featured in this 24-shot spectacle. Wow your crowd with the reds, silvers, blues, purples and white glitter that whistle through the sky. It's a show fit for a king!

Kill Bill

18 Shot red tail up to red, blue dahlia with silver glitter, red star, gold dahlia with green glitter, red star green dahlia with silver glitter. 12 shots red tail up to red stars with silver glitter, red star with green glitter. 6 shot red tail up to red star crackling.


Formerly - Dangerous Mind

There's nothing risky about showing off a Dangerous Mind! Reds, lemons, oranges, blues, pinks and greens debut in 24 shots that explode into the night sky in crackles and bursts of beauty. The only negative thing about Dangerous Mind is NOT picking it up. It's a must-have for any crowd-pleasing show.

Say What?

Purple, green palm, white glitter, skyblue, red, crackling, whistling, brocade crown, green glitter, red, gren, blue, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum. Red, green, purple, lemon dahlia, white glitter, silver chrysanthemum.

Home Team

Visitors will know you're playing for the Home Team! Show your team spirit with this 47-shot stunner, as it shoots a barrage of red sparks across the night sky. Several aerial effects make this beast even better, including silver fish, dahlia sparklers and a little bit of noise. Cheer on the Home Team!  Perfect red, white, and silver firework.

America The Beautiful

Show your pride and patriotism with America the Beautiful. Red, green, blue, purple, and yellow effects burst with glitter sparklers in the sky. Your audience will be awed with the beauty of this 12-shot bit of fireworks perfection.


Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum; green crackling chrysanthemum; blue crackling chrysanthemum.


The others will be green with envy when you light up Greeen! Like a gigantic green sparkler, this 500-gram powerhouse shoots 30 bursts of sparks into the night sky, booming along festively. Add this as a single piece to your display or incorporate it with others to create a stunning effect!