Girl Boss

90 shot fan cake - amazing color and performance.  multi-color dahlia long crackling; purple comet tail; green comet tail; orange comet tail; blue comet tail.

Skull Engine

multi-color dahlia long crackling ring; red/blue to white glitter ring; golden willow to blue long crackling ring; chicken blood red ring; chrysanthemum ring.

The Yeti

25 Shots.  Purple and green dahlia and crackling.  Orange and green dahlia and crackling.  Crackling mine to rose red and sky blue star and silver jellyfish.  Orange and sky blue and green peony and crackling.

Death Rider

25 shot firework with vibrant colors. red tail blue green dahlia. red glitter green tail spider green dahlia with red glitter. blue tail golden Ti willow skyblue dahlia

USA Pride

Big red, white, and blue performance that is 5 breaks wide across the sky.  Must have for the Fourth of July.