16 shots with red comet tail: red to blue+chrysanthemum; golden willow to multicolor; golden willow to crackling; red to white glitter; blue to white glitter; green/skyblue+red wintersweet; golden willow to multicolor; chrysanthemum.

Girl Boss

90 shot fan cake - amazing color and performance.  multi-color dahlia long crackling; purple comet tail; green comet tail; orange comet tail; blue comet tail.

United We Ride

white glitter+red/blue; green glitter+purple/blue; white glitter mine to red/green/purple comet; white glitter mine, silver tail whistle; white glitter+Ti golden palm+red/green/blue; brocade crown+chry.


Wide 3 break spread performance with bright colors and a performance that includes whistles and crackles.

Sharp Shooter

Green tiger comet with red blue mines; lemon+sliver wave mines to purple+sky blue+lemon+golden glitter; lemon+silver wave mines to purple+lemon+sky blue+white glitter; brocade mine to brocade +red+red glitter+green+green glitter.

Call Me Wayne

purple+green+white glitter,red+green+blue+purple;silver tiger comet,red+sky blue+white;purple+lemon+golden glitter;green tiger comet,green+red+blue+purple.

Fire Eyes

Keep your eyes on the skies with Fire Eyes! Sixteen shots of stunning red, gold, green, white, blue and glittery willow and brocade effects create a spectacle in the sky that you can't keep your eyes off of! This sizzling mind blower creates a show that is crowd pleasing, for sure!

Deadly Catch

The Deadly Catch is NOT one that you'll want to throw back! Working with 500 grams of black powder, this noisy stunner shoots gold, purple, blue and silver explosions into the sky. If it's a sizzling hot celebration you're looking for, you should definitely get the Deadly Catch!