Screech of Victory

Gold tail to red and blue to brocade with green, gold tail with purple to lime green to brocade with blue, gold tail to purpleand green to brocade with red, gold tail with blue star and gold glitter to brocade with purple, gold tail with lime green to red glitter and blue starts to big chrysanthemum.

Fame & Fortune

Brocade crown with red glitter and blue star mine, silver spinning tail to colorful falling leaves, silver spinning tail to brocade crown, brocade crown and tiger tail to brocade crown with red and white glitter.


Silver whistling tail to red glitter and silver chrysanthemum, silver whistling tail to blue star and silver chrysanthemum, gold tail to brocade crown and blue peony.

Reign Supreme

Red blue lemon and gold glitter, brocade with blue and gold glitter, red blue jellyfish, red blue green and gold glitter.


You get plenty of bang for your buck with Magnificent! Loud and stunning, this 500-gram beast has a lot to offer with brocade crowns, chrysanthemums and comet tails firing in succession, often overlapping, for a display unparalleled to others. If a striking show is up your alley, don't miss out on this stunner.

Bent Rail

You won't get bent out of shape with the Bent Rail. This 47-shot monster features multiple brocade crown effects in white glitter, red, green, purple and yellow, along with a whistling finale. Delightfully unpredictable and lengthy, this is a must-have element for any celebration!

America's King

You'll be king of the show with America's King! With brocade crowns that erupt into silver fish formations, audience members will be pleased with the variety of effects featured in this 24-shot spectacle. Wow your crowd with the reds, silvers, blues, purples and white glitter that whistle through the sky. It's a show fit for a king!

Secret Agent

Customer favorite red, white, blue, and silver finale firework.  Enjoy 30 shots of colorful breaks with silver spinner effects.