Apache Strike

Red stars, sky blue white glitter, purple green white glitter, brocade crown green stars with gold glitter, brocade crown with sky blue and red glitter, red green stars with chrysanthemum, silver whistling tail, brocade crown to red green skyblue orange purple stars and chrysanthemum.

Duty Calls

Brocade crown blue stars with blue mines,red glittering brocade crown with blue stars mines, red glittering willow with green glitter, white glittering willow with red glitters.

United We Ride

white glitter+red/blue; green glitter+purple/blue; white glitter mine to red/green/purple comet; white glitter mine, silver tail whistle; white glitter+Ti golden palm+red/green/blue; brocade crown+chry.

Blood Sweat & Tears

time rain tail to blue palm+green glitter; silver glitter mine to silver glitter waterfall; time rain tail to golden glitter+blue/green; 3 stage scream; time rain tail to brocade crown+crackling.

Folds Of Honor

Great red, white, and blue finale firework with a portion of each sale going directly to the Folds Of Honor Foundation.  Since 2014 you have generated over $1,000,000 in donations to Folds, benefiting our military families.