Tree Fort

Exciting fountain - house spins and shoots sparks in a wild performance.  blue Ti-rain;red blue the magic flower; white fir flower lemon blue;Ti-crackling red green blue; blue Ti-rain

Snow Cone

Great shelf appeal.  red blue star snowflakes;colours fountain;colours fish;white fir flower with purple lemon star;crackling with blue star

Dangerous Beauty

Long duration fountain with great bee effects and crackling finale.  silver dragon+red/green bee; silver dragon+yellow/blue; golden silk crackling chrysanthemum+lemon/purple; long crackling+multicolor.

Monkey See Monkey Do

16 shots with chrysanthemum mine: red+chrysanthemum; green+chrysanthemum; blue+chrysanthemum; lemon+chrysanthemum; double chrysanthemum; red/green/blue/lemon+double long crackling+chrysanthemum.

Natural Instinct

Rose red and blue peony and white glitter; Orange and green peony and white glitter; Lemom and skyblue peony and white glitter; Orange and blue peony and white glitter; Purple and green peony and crackling

Jake's Wants You

High intensity finish - great pacing on this 42 shot fan cake.  brocade crown tail up to red, green, sky blue, purple, lemon peonys, gold Ti willow, green falling leaves with blue star