Snow Cone

Great shelf appeal.  red blue star snowflakes;colours fountain;colours fish;white fir flower with purple lemon star;crackling with blue star

Dangerous Beauty

Long duration fountain with great bee effects and crackling finale.  silver dragon+red/green bee; silver dragon+yellow/blue; golden silk crackling chrysanthemum+lemon/purple; long crackling+multicolor.

Hey You Guys

12 shots - colorful breaks.  golden pine with green star;golden pine with red star;golden mine with skyblue star;golden pine with purple star

Natural Instinct

Rose red and blue peony and white glitter; Orange and green peony and white glitter; Lemom and skyblue peony and white glitter; Orange and blue peony and white glitter; Purple and green peony and crackling

Cold Killer

128 shot fan cake with rich colors and wide performance.  purple tail; green tail; red tail; blue tail; orange tail; neon orange +crackling; blue mine to red tail whistle; blue mine to green tail whistle; golden Ti willow+brocade crown+chrysanthemum.

Girl Boss

90 shot fan cake - amazing color and performance.  multi-color dahlia long crackling; purple comet tail; green comet tail; orange comet tail; blue comet tail.

Jake's Wants You

High intensity finish - great pacing on this 42 shot fan cake.  brocade crown tail up to red, green, sky blue, purple, lemon peonys, gold Ti willow, green falling leaves with blue star

The Yeti

25 Shots.  Purple and green dahlia and crackling.  Orange and green dahlia and crackling.  Crackling mine to rose red and sky blue star and silver jellyfish.  Orange and sky blue and green peony and crackling.