All Star

Great innovative fountain - wait until the end to see the red ground bloom flowers perform.  red+golden silk chrysanthemum; green+long crackling; red ground bloom flower with Ti flower.

Dangerous Beauty

Long duration fountain with great bee effects and crackling finale.  silver dragon+red/green bee; silver dragon+yellow/blue; golden silk crackling chrysanthemum+lemon/purple; long crackling+multicolor.


16 shots with red comet tail: red to blue+chrysanthemum; golden willow to multicolor; golden willow to crackling; red to white glitter; blue to white glitter; green/skyblue+red wintersweet; golden willow to multicolor; chrysanthemum.

Hey You Guys

12 shots - colorful breaks.  golden pine with green star;golden pine with red star;golden mine with skyblue star;golden pine with purple star

Cold Killer

128 shot fan cake with rich colors and wide performance.  purple tail; green tail; red tail; blue tail; orange tail; neon orange +crackling; blue mine to red tail whistle; blue mine to green tail whistle; golden Ti willow+brocade crown+chrysanthemum.

Blow Up the Virus

Wide performing fan cake with 25 shots.  golden glitter spear+red wintersweet; golden glitter spear+green glitter; golden glitter spear+blue; golden glitter spear+crackling.