Great Night Extravaganza

Value, value, value. One of our most popular safe-n-sane assortments and rightfully so. This tray adds nice variety to your stock and gives you the middle of the road assortment for your customer base. Complete with smoke balls, pop pop snappers, sparklers, magnum gun pistol poppers and over 20 fountains. Enjoy.....

Encore Presentation

 Dimensions: 44" x 23" x 4"

This one's loaded......over 30 fountains in one pack. If you're looking for the ultimate safe-n-sane tray assortment, look no further. More than enough fuses to light for a night filled with quality fountains and plenty of sparklers to keep the kids smiling. Bring some help to load this one, you'll need it.


Dimensions: 37" x 18" x 2.5"

Arguably our most popular safe-n-sane assortment, this one comes priced to sell. With over 40 fuses to individually light this tray is a family's all-nighter if they so choose, it's got something for everyone.

All Star (bag)

Dimensions: 14" x 10"

The name says it all, if you're looking for a bag loaded with safe-n-sane approved product that the whole family will enjoy look no further. Morning glory sparklers, black snakes, cones, and assorted fountains make this one a no-brainer. Great price point bag for your retail shelf, stack it or hang it, whatever suits your needs for merchandising.