16 shots with red comet tail: red to blue+chrysanthemum; golden willow to multicolor; golden willow to crackling; red to white glitter; blue to white glitter; green/skyblue+red wintersweet; golden willow to multicolor; chrysanthemum.

Monkey See Monkey Do

16 shots with chrysanthemum mine: red+chrysanthemum; green+chrysanthemum; blue+chrysanthemum; lemon+chrysanthemum; double chrysanthemum; red/green/blue/lemon+double long crackling+chrysanthemum.

Hey You Guys

12 shots - colorful breaks.  golden pine with green star;golden pine with red star;golden mine with skyblue star;golden pine with purple star

Natural Instinct

Rose red and blue peony and white glitter; Orange and green peony and white glitter; Lemom and skyblue peony and white glitter; Orange and blue peony and white glitter; Purple and green peony and crackling