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United We Ride

white glitter+red/blue; green glitter+purple/blue; white glitter mine to red/green/purple comet; white glitter mine, silver tail whistle; white glitter+Ti golden palm+red/green/blue; brocade crown+chry.

Boss Lady

scream to purple+green glitter+blue; scream to orange, blue/time rain; scream to white glitter+red/blue; scream to red/blue/purple/chry.

Blood Sweat & Tears

time rain tail to blue palm+green glitter; silver glitter mine to silver glitter waterfall; time rain tail to golden glitter+blue/green; 3 stage scream; time rain tail to brocade crown+crackling.


Lemon to purple mine:1、orange to green;2、blue to purple;3、lemon to purple;4、whistling tail to blue to purple