The Instigator

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The Instigator Artillery Shell Kit

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The Instigator firework artillery kit stands over 6 feet tall and contains 84 different shells and includes an astounding 10 tubes.: Each kit comes complete with: 24 single break ball shells, 20 canister shells, 16 double break shells, 12 triple break shells, and 12 quadruple break shells.

There are artillery shells with tails, others with crackle, and some with changing colors. Watch out for the palm trees, chrysanthemums and whirlwinds. This one is loaded with shells that give you two distinct breaks in the air at the same time. You will want to salute the spectacular new triple break, an industry breakthrough that paints the sky with three patterns at one time. Another favorite for a Great Grand Finale!!

Make sure to bring the truck for this one, because it's not going to fit in the car!!! Get your popcorn ready, because this beauty puts on a heck of a show!!