• One Bad Mother

    One Bad Mother

    Newer and Bigger, that says it all... try this one and see why... The One Bad Mother Offers huge shots of alternating gold willow with multiple blooming... Learn More
  • Fighting Rooster

    Fighting Rooster

    If a fight is what you're looking for you'll get lots of it with this cake, it comes ready and loaded for bear. A nice 30 shot packed 4/1 that is one the best performing cakes... Learn More
  • Gorilla Warfare

    Gorilla Warfare

    How do I describe the red? Rich, luscious, deep, perfect.....? Beats me, see for yourself and you tell me... Learn More
  • Frog Prince

    Frog Prince

    Here's Froggy! The original Frog Prince. This unique fountain is known nationwide. Enjoy watching it as its blue eyes start to sparkle... Learn More
  • America's Fountain

    America's Fountain

    Makes you want to stand up and salute! Simply put, one of the best fountains on the market. The colors will leave you speechless... Learn More
  • Frontlines


    Brocade crown mine, golden glitter sparkler mine, brocade crown, blue dahlia sparkler; silver wave, purple dahlia sparkler; red crackling chrysanthemum... Learn More
  • Excalibur


    This is it. You've found it! The #1 selling artillery shell of all time! A Jake's Fireworks original, the Excalibur has been wowing fireworks enthusiasts of all ages for the last decade... Learn More
  • One Bad Mother-In-Law

    One Bad Mother-In-Law

    She's a mean one! This in law you will actually want to invite back time and again... Learn More
  • Goliath Shells

    Goliath Shells

    GOLIATH contains 36 all time favorites combined with fabulous technology never before seen at home... Learn More
  • Loyal To None

    Loyal To None

    Another top selling 500 gm cake from World Class. Loyal To None contains the top 5 effects in fireworks... Learn More
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