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Excalibur Fireworks Artillery Shells

This is it. You've found it! Excalibur Fireworks. The #1 selling artillery shell of all time! A Jake's Fireworks original, the Excalibur Artillery Shells have been wowing fireworks enthusiasts of all ages for the last decade and will continue to wow them for years to come.

The Excalibur firework comes with 24 of the best quality canister shells on the market and bundled with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tubes.

The Shells
The shells included in the Excalibur Artillery Shell are the best available to the public, hands down. These high quality canisters break over 250 feet high, and over 200 feet wide. They are unsurpassed by any other consumer shell.

The Excalibur contains 24 unique shells with the following effects:

  • Jumbo Red Dahlia
  • Green Glittering with Crackles
  • Red and Silver Peony
  • Jumbo Crackling
  • Silver Crackling Palm
  • Jumbo Silver Chrysanthemum
  • Silver Palm with Crackling
  • Jumbo Brocade Crown
  • Golden Willow with Crackling
  • Jumbo Green Chrysanthemum
  • Brocade Silver to Green Whirlwind
  • Jumbo Crackling
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Purple and Green Peony
  • Brocade Silver to Blue Whirlwind
  • Multi-color Peony Blue Whirlwind
  • Multi-Color Peony
  • Silver Wave to Red Whirlwind

Excalibur Artillery Shell

An Important Notice to Our Valued Customers
The Excalibur firework is hands-down the highest quality, most successful consumer artillery shell on the market today. As a result it is repetitively copied and imitated by our competitors who churn out inferior and potentially unsafe products in similar looking or themed packaging in an effort to dupe would-be consumers. They will also use similar sounding names for their products. When searching for Excalibur, always make sure that box has the trademarked World Class Fireworks Logo in the top left corner on the front and the back of the box. This will ensure that you are getting a genuine World Class Excalibur firework.

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Review by Armageddon
These are like dynamite! These were so loud, that I accidentally set off car alarms! (Posted on 9/6/15)

The best so far

Review by Kenter
My coworker and I bought some shells. I bought the Excalibur and he bought the Goliath pack. The excaliburs were by far the best out of the two. Super loud, extra big explosion. The only draw back that I noticed is that the fuses are taped. So it takes some time to remove the tape. Not a big deal. Would definitely buy again (Posted on 7/5/15)

Simply the best

Review by Trevortf
Let's keep it simple... If you like dropping artillery shells, the 5 dollar 6 shot boxes are fun, you can load up and do them for hours. But, when they get dull and you want to wake up the neighbors, this is the best shells there are. Insanely loud launch, GIANT echoing REPORT, great height and every display is huge, symmetric, and gorgeous. No surprises, Each shell is labeled with description. Bur, while the displays vary, the quality does not. A must purchase for any sheller. (Also, the poly tubes are unbeatable) (Posted on 7/3/15)