Everyone enjoys fireworks in the backyard.  From whistling bottle rockets to fountains and Roman candles, entertaining your friends and family can be a great deal of fun and entertainment, but only if done with safety in mind.

With just a few, simple precautions, a backyard fireworks show can be a great deal of fun.  Here are a few, simple firework safety tips to keep yourself, and your guests, safe:

firework safety

  • Be patient.  Setting off a whole bunch of fireworks at once can be a dazzling display of light and noise, but that also increases the likelihood of confusion if there's a problem.
  • Use a long-tipped lighter.  Not only does it give a little extra safety in case a firework should go off too quickly, it also prevents a simple problem that a regular cigarette lighter can cause when the wind blows the wrong way - burning your thumb.
  • Keep your audience on one side of the fireworks display.  If everyone is situated to one side, it's easier to keep an eye on who's moving around than if they are surrounding the fireworks.
  • A bucket of water and a garden hose should be nearby.  We recommend using a trigger nozzle on the hose and having the water turned on at the spigot, just in case you need it. Extinguish any spent fireworks in the bucket.  
  • Clean up afterwards.  Unexploded fireworks, even small ones, can cause serious injury if a child picks them up the next day.
  • Set off the fireworks on hard level surface.

With these simple tips you can have an exciting, entertaining and safe fireworks display for your party that is sure to delight the entire crowd. Jake's Fireworks is committed to providing its customers with information and education on the safe use of fireworks.  Visit this page for more information on fireworks safety.